NEMo is an acronym (in german) for “Sustainable satisfaction of mobility demands in rural regions”.

Due to the demographic change, it becomes increasingly difficult for counties and municipalities to ensure a basic supply of public mobility services such as bus and train without asking the question of necessary social participation, meaningful regional creation of value and last but not least feasible environmental objectives. Here, the need of mobility will increase further in rural areas due to the accumulation of medical facilities and shopping centers in urban areas. The local public transport companies already facing the challenge to reliable ensure access to jobs and training places, schools, health centers and recreational facilities from the countryside. Considering this problem situation, the research project NEMo pursuing the development of sustainable and innovative mobility services based on business models for rural areas. Therefore, NEMo will create new mobility services, where citizens become mobility provider. For example, individuals could additionally operate rarely served stops of public transport with their own car to pick up other people. A higher person utilization of private cars can close supply gaps and reduce the total volume of traffic and its negative environmental impacts.

Integrative Mobility Offer

Figure: Target transformation of an integrative mobility offer for rural areas

To plan and manage these new rural mobility services information and telecommunication technologies is essential. As part of the project, specific requirements and acceptance limits of this new mobility are initially ascertained and subsequently transferred to a legally compliant concept. From the beginning, citizens and public mobility providers are involved in the project to take into account actual needs and obstacles. Particular attention is given to the coordination and networking of all stakeholders, in particular the self-organization of citizens (e.g. carpools and neighborhood cars). For the provision of a comprehensive and open mobility offer economic, social and organizational concepts are developed. These concepts are merged into a platform for the rural areas of Oldenburg and Wesermarsch. In a close dialogue with the citizens of the test regions, the platform will be tested and evaluated.

NEMo is funded by the VW foundation with €1,53 m. and is scheduled for 3 years. Funded are 8 doctoral students and 1 postdoctoral position. NEMo is an inter- and transdisciplinary project. Besides the scientific participants many partners from industry and public are involved in the project.