23-24.01.2017 (Hannover) Statussymposium Schloss Herrenhausen, Hannover:
Joint exchange of scientists and other experts as well as the interested public

01.09.2016 (Oldenburg) Research lecture NEMo in the Schlauen Haus Oldenburg:
Presentation of the current status and discussion with the audience

21.07.2016 (Oldenburg) 1. Doctoral Candidate Meeting in the department VLBA:
Presention of the individual research subjects

14.07.2016 (Oldenburg) Coordination meeting BMVI-Pilot project „Supply and Mobility in the Wesermarsch“ and NEMoWorkshop zu NEMo und BMVI Vorhaben

15.06.2016 (Hannover) Meeting „ICT & Mobility“ in the Centre of Innovation:
Presentation of NEMo

11.06.2016 (Brake) Kick-off meeting BMVI-Pilot project „Supply and Mobility in the Wesermarsch“:
Presentation of NEMo

11.06.2016 (Brake) Treffen Mr. Rittmeier (BMVI), Mr. Schlump (BMVI), Ms. Lücke (Landkreis Wesermarsch), Ms. Marten, (Wirtschaftsförderung Wesermarsch):
Meeting synergies NEMo and the program “Long-term safeguarding of supply and mobility in rural areas” of the BMVI

07.06.2016 (Oldenburg) Meeting Mr. Pham (Smartway):
Meeting Integration Smartway (dynamic planning software for passenger and freight mobility) in NEMo

02.06.2016 (Bremen) Meeting Mr. Spiekermann (moveabout), Mr. von Monschaw (avm):
Discussion of NEMo related projects in the field of e-Carsharing

04.05.2016 (Oldenburg) Kick-off meeting of NEMo:
Kick-off with partners from business, science and politics.

11.03.2016 (Oldenburg) Project start of NEMo:
Kick-off meeting of the scientific partners